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End The Summer With PRIDE

☀️The end of summer is approaching, and we are just as sad as you are, but don’t fret because we are ending the summer right with a community party!!
Join us Saturday, September 10, 2022, for some food, fun, and entertainment. Come fill up on FREE food from <a class="qi72231t nu7423ey n3hqoq4p r86q59rh b3qcqh3k fq87ekyn bdao358l fsf7x5fv rse6dlih s5oniofx m8h3af8h l7ghb35v kjdc1dyq kmwttqpk srn514ro oxkhqvkx rl78xhln nch0832m cr00lzj9 rn8ck1ys s3jn8y49 icdlwmnq cxfqmxzd d1w2l3lo tes86rjd" tabindex="0" role="link" href="[0]=AZXiaK8QA245iob02iT_lhqefZV_BxlYP-XAI_fPLaWIfWl6AO_o0r4_vesy2bVILyk_F_6RdI5U0_6qKhL7r4EhGQ-kx6zse0TtAzfjvJCYUfED6Yw0tAsNZgETm90Oda1XpW5Nr0TNQqSN_60PIG5EGhkquzLQJ2VwPkb_90-yr4TOY5DEw4liY6n-eA0X4cf83oWkdL1-_7QjHi2AZ0lt


Sep 10 2022


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Washington Park


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