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Casper Pride Trans Fund

"You are the evidence of Survival." - anonymous Casper trans individual

What is the Casper Pride Trans Fund?

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In 2021, the Casper Pride Trans Project Fund was launched to support the livelihood of Natrona County’s transgender community by providing financial assistance for projects that positively impact the transgender community’s wellbeing. 

In 2023, the funding was expanded to include microgrants for trans and non-binary individuals to reduce financial burdens in Natrona County.

Financial assistance is available for projects and individuals who qualify.

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Monthly engagements such as dinners, lunches, coffee gatherings, etc. to facilitate social interaction and togetherness.


Documents that can help the transgender community navigate legal issues.


Hosting speakers regarding transgender topics.


Coordinating local round tables.


Facilitating training on transgender issues.


Fundraising for the Trans Fund to keep it going!

Check Out our trans Projects

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Adult Name Change Process Documentation

This document is a step-by-step process for navigating the legal name change process in Natrona County. Thank you to the Law Office of Katherine W. Allen and Unicorn Solutions, LLC for creating this document. 

Date completed: March 2023

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